Specially designed for kitchens and other industrial applications

Bad odours in your kitchen?

Do you have odours coming into your kitchen from all the organic waste in your grease pit?

The Splosht Kitchen Grease Pit Pack (KGPP) is a super concentrated blend of good bacteria that consumes sludge and reduces odours.

The KGPP is packed with 50 Billion CFUs (colony forming units) per gram, and in our testing reduced sludge and waste by 52% in 90 days and by 84% in 12 months. 

Reduce odours and save your business money

The KGPP reduces sludge levels naturally, which reduces the amount of times your grease pit needs to be pumped out.

After time, you won't need to pump it out at all. The KGPP reduces sludge and odour naturally and easily.

There is no measuring. Simply drop a water-dissolvable sachet in the kitchen sink and wash down.