Q: Is Splosht safe for fish, turtles, frogs or birds in my garden?

A: Yes. Splosht is a natural part of the environment.
Unlike algaecides, chemicals and poisons, Splosht is natural.
Think of Splosht as a natural vacuum cleaner that clears up everything that causes problems in water.

Q: How does Splosht work?

A: Splosht is a unique blend of good bacteria that grows once dropped in the water.
Splosht outcompetes algae in consuming nitrates and phosphates in the water, as well as sludge along the base.
The algae starves and dies off naturally, leaving you with crystal clear water.

Q: Why does Splosht take four weeks to work?

A: At the start, Splosht has to grow and fully establish itself in order to outcompete algae for nutrients.
In all our testing, the algae disappeared at around the 4 week mark. 
Keep adding Splosht every two weeks to keep the water clean.

Q. Is Splosht safe for my pets to drink?

A. Yes. Splosht is naturally safe for animals, birds and wildlife to drink.
Splosht creates fresher, cleaner and safer water for your pets.

Q: What are the Splosht Handy Hints for Success?

A: Following our Handy Hints will help you create the best natural environment for Splosht to grow and clean.
As an example, small pebbles are very, very important.
By adding lots of small pebbles you create a lot larger surface area for Splosht to grow on.
The bigger the surface area, the more Splosht can clean the water and reduce the sludge.
Adding water plants and oxygenating your water are other steps to help ensure fresh and clean water. 
Read more in our Handy Hints For Success.

Q: Is Splosht a chemical?

A: No. Splosht is a 100% natural organic product.
At Splosht we are completely against algaecides and poisonous chemicals.
Splosht is truly safe for our environment and wildlife.

Q: What is in Splosht?

A: Splosht is a unique blend of Bacillus strains that naturally grow and: 

– Reduce nitrates and phosphates
– Reduce sludge levels
– Clarify the water
– Reduce ammonia levels


Q: Can I use UV lights with Splosht?

A: Yes. However we always advise to keep everything natural.
UV lights in filters kill everything, good and bad,
but will be ineffective in reducing sludge and clarifying water.


Q: Why isn’t my water getting cleaner? What am I doing wrong?

A: Check that you have followed our Handy Hints For Success and have dropped Splosht in every 2 weeks.
Remember that Splosht will take 4 weeks to initially grow. 
Please be patient! You cannot hurry nature.
After 4 weeks, your water will become clearer and clearer.