More Customer Testimonials


Nazri was given a Splosht Pack by an Australian friend who recommended using Splosht to clean his fishpond. Nazri took it back to Malaysia and contacted us for advice.

First, Nazri switched off his UV light. UV lights kill everything good and bad, but don’t clean sludge and fish waste.

Then, he dropped in a Splosht sachet, but didn’t follow our HANDY HINTS FOR SUCCESS step of adding small pebbles, so the water stayed green. He couldn’t see the fish.

He then followed our advice and added lots of small pebbles to the base of his green fishpond. He then added Splosht once more.

After 2 weeks, he could see no difference and started to panic that his fish may die in the green water. We reassured him to just keep the oxygen up with his waterfall and wait. You cannot hurry nature. Nazri was swapping from a UV light and sterile unnatural water to a naturally fresh and clean fishpond with Splosht. You have to give Splosht time to grow and take effect by reducing the nutrients and sludge in the pond.

Then around the fourth week, he contacted us again with these photos and videos! He was amazed and very happy to able to see all of his fish for the first time. Now Nazri has a naturally clean fishpond to enjoy every day.

If you want clean water like Nazri, just drop Splosht in your pond every 2 weeks!